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​An interactive magic show full of wonder and laughter!

It's tough finding entertainment that's going to have that "wow factor." Inspector Magic guarantees you and your guests will be talking about the fun and amazing time everyone had (and the floating table) for a lifetime.

Colorado Front Range & Statewide

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​Lots of Smiles
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Happy Kids
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You Become the Hero

​You'll see more smiles at your event than you've seen in a long time. Guaranteed!

​Not only will everyone be smiling, but they'll be happier than ever before.

Everyone will be thanking you for all your hard work organizing the show.

You want an experienced entertainer you can trust to create life long memories for your guests.

​But, there's a Problem...
  • There are too many entertainers to choose from. Information overload is REAL!

  • Your kids are screaming in your ears and you can't get anything done.

  • You don't have time to research.

  • Comparing and contrasting is hard.

  • ​What's the most important quality anyway?


​These problems may even be causing headaches & sleeplessness.

After performing thousands of programs over more than thirty years, I get it! I've seen so many people suffering from the same problem you are, and I know that my magical adventures are the solution you've been looking for. 

In my three decades of performing, I've developed more than thirty different themed programs. I guarantee I have a great magical adventure that fits your needs.​

Fairs & Festivals
Fairs & Festivals
Fairs & Festivals

Make Their Day!

Every day parents struggle to search for birthday party entertainment ideas that'll create lifelong memories for their children and their friends.


Some even give up and decide not to have entertainment at all, leaving their kids angry and disappointed.  

A performance by inspector magic will create wonder, and excitement for your kids through magical illusions, intense comedy, and ventriloquism. It's something they and all their friends have never seen before. And, it's perfect for all ages. 

Imagine how good your kids are going to feel when their friends tell them they had the best birthday party ever!


Not only that, but because you hired an experienced, engaging entertainer for the party, you'll get to sit back, relax and enjoy the show, too.'s a secret: The Inspector does it all for you! It doesn't get any better than that!


Learning Is Fun!

Educators and youth services staff like you are tasked constantly to find new and exciting ways to keep students interested in learning. 

You know how important it is, and how much the children will love it. But it's hard, overwhelming, and time-consuming. 


Inspector Magic offers a change of pace in teaching and excites and stimulates the children through motivational storytelling and audience participation.


Inspector Magic utilizes creative visual allegories to demonstrate parables and ideas in a fun way that the children will grasp and retain.

The children are sure to go home and tell their parents what a great day they had at school after a motivational and inspiring program from Inspector Magic. 

And, at the end of the day, everyone will be thanking you for the great program you brought to the school or library.

The biggest reward will be when your students continue to talk about what they learned and demonstrate the values from Inspector Magic's program.


Get Them Talking!

Fair & festival organizers and talent buyers have the ominous task of finding entertainment that's going to create a buzz around town.


If only this was easy. But, it's not! How do you know if there are amazing entertainers in the area that families will be talking about?


With Inspector Magic's decades of experience, he'll bring highly interactive family-friendly, clean comedy magic, and ventriloquism that's great for visitors of all ages.


His magical adventures have even been described as a "fun-filled rollercoaster ride of entertainment". What could be better than that for your fair or festival? 

You'll be thrilled by the reactions of the crowd throughout the performance, especially when a table mysteriously floats across the stage. It's a one-of-a-kind experience

You can be sure that everyone will leave your event and call or text their friends and neighbors, to tell them to rush down to the fairgrounds to catch the act. 

Birthday Parties
Fairs & Festivals

Inspector Magic

This Sleuth Will Solve Your Mystery...Maybe!


Inspector Magic is the brainchild of me, magician Mark Weidhaas. Many years ago I had a mystery to solve, like you, but I didn't know how.


was a volunteer firefighter with a passion for educating children about safety. After relocating to Massachusetts from North Carolina, I learned that my new hometown didn't have a desire for volunteer help. 

But, what was I to do?  I wanted to continue teaching children about safety. So...I worked out a solution.


At the time, I was also an avid fan and performer of magic. What if I combined my passion for educating children and my love of magic? It worked and my life was changed forever. 


My children were enamored with "Inspector Gadget" at the time and suggested I call myself "Inspector Magic." I've been a bumbling magical sleuth ever since.

Just as I solved the mystery in my life, I can solve yours too...definitely!


You don't have to worry anymore about finding the right entertainer for your event. In more than thirty years of performing professionally, I've developed dozens of themed magical adventures for libraries, fairs, schools, and birthday parties.


I guarantee I've got the perfect magical adventure for your event. If not, I can develop a new one - mystery solved!

Trusted by Leading Companies
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Stop worrying. Success is only a few steps away

Easy Peasy. Guaranteed!

Get Inspector's Availablity

Get Inspector's Availablity

Get Inspector's Availablity

Get Inspector's Availablity


Get Inspector's Availablity

Fill out my "Get Inspector's Availability" form to find out if I'm available to solve the mysteries of your event and create lifelong memories for you and your guests.


Get Confirmation

Give me a few more clues so I have all the information I need to get to your event. Once I get all those details, I'll send you a confirmation and we're good to go.


Get Ready for Fun

Your job is done! You get to sit back, relax, and wait for your event. You'll rest easy knowing everything is taken care of because you hired the right professional entertainer.

Creating Life-Long Lasting Memories is NO Mystery for Inspector Magic 

A lot of magicians and other entertainers claim that they're the best, the funniest, the most magical, or just the most talented. The fact is that it's not just one thing that creates a great entertainer.

Any or all of those things could be true, but they're missing the most important thing of all. You and your guests. 

Does the birthday child feel special and inspired after their party?


Are the school-children more positive and motivated after the assembly?

Will those families come to your fair next year, or maybe even come back tomorrow? 

I guarantee your guests will have the most fun time ever and all your expectations and desires will come true too. How can I be sure?

I know because the show isn't a bunch of tricks. It's a magical adventure that is a live theatrical experience with a storyline, character development, and production value, just like going to the movies.


And, everyone likes going to the movies! 

Not only that, but every audience will be able to connect with Inspector Magic because there are dozens of show themes to meet whatever your goals are for the event.

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Enthusiastic and entertaining. The Kids were shouting, "This is the best party EVER!"



He was so good, even two other parties at the park couldn't help but come over and watch. We will all remember this party for years to come.



Just pure fun and awesomeness. The show was so entertaining the kids didn't want it to stop.



Awesome Magic. Thoroughly entertained.  I also recommend buying the party favors from him. The kids really enjoyed the take home magic tricks.

No, don't do it!

Don't make the mistake of hiring the wrong entertainer for your event. 

Or, one of these guys might be knocking at your front door.

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Inspector Magic Guarantees:

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INTERACTION: Everyone will be laughing their heads off. 
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SPELLBOUND: Life-long memories for your guests.

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KINDNESS - CHARACTER-STEAM: Inspiring and motivational shows for all ages.
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PROFESSIONAL: Your event will be worry-free and the talk of the town.

I am committed to teaching magic and theater to others, to elevate the art. But I also desire to continue learning and becoming the best entertainer possible. I continue this endeavor through my membership in the following magician organizations:

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IBM Logo.png
FISM Logo.jpg
Magic Circle Logo.jpg

Magical Adventure  Pricing

Every Inspector Magic Show Includes:

  • Magical illusions everyone will love.

  • Comedy that'll have them rolling on the floor laughing.

  • Storytelling no one will forget.

  • Professional puppets and ventriloquism. 

  • Theatrical presentation complete with music, sound effects, and professional backdrop.

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Deaf Friendly.jpg

Worry-Free Birthday Parties

100% Money Back

Silver - $425
A forty-five-minute magical adventure with illusions,
comedy, & puppets

Gold* - $495
Forty-five-minute magical adventure + balloon party hats for everyone. You may also choose a fifteen-minute magic lesson instead of balloon hats. All props included and the kids get to take them home.
* Most popular package.

Platinum - $695
This complete party package includes a forty-five-minute adventure, balloon hats, magical warm-up games, the mini-magic class, and all the children will make a magic wand they get to take home as a souvenir from the party.


* Please Note: Birthday party quotes include up to one hour of one-way travel. An additional $50 per thirty additional minutes will be added after that. 

Need Party Gift Bags? We have you covered!
The best gift bags filled with magical tricks, toys and puzzles - fun for all. Includes additional 5 minutes of hilarious instruction by Inspector Magic.
Only $5 each.

Make your party the best ever by adding a levitation to any adventure. Only $55 more.

The Floating Table

The Floating Child

Assemblies & Libraries 

100% Money Back


Educational School Assemblies - $475

(add a 2nd tandem show for only $275)










Library Programs - $425 (Discounts available for districts)

  • The students will leave inspired, motivated & empowered. 

  • Mind-blowing magic will leave everyone spellbound. 

  • Teachers will receive classroom discussion guides.

  • Dozens of programs focused on Character and STEAM to match your curriculum.

  • Theatrical artistic performance is a change in pace that will help children excel.

  • Super fun literacy programs that encourage reading.

  • Puppets help reinforce the message in a way children can relate to. 

  • A new themed summer reading adventure every year.

  • Children are motivated to check out books and return to the library.

  • Children will feel energized as books come to life.

Want to see exactly how children react to an Inspector Magic presentation? 

Of course, you do! So, click on the video below and see!

Get Inspector Magic's Availability
Choose a time

I'll be in touch real soon!

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